About Us

We call ourselves Tidal because we move with the prevailing currents of the industry, spotting best practice and new thinking as it emerges and bringing the best of it to our clients. We know that any team is only as strong as the component parts, and so we collaborate with the brightest and best in North America, to create partnerships that deliver excellence and nothing but.

Tidal is a team made up of the best people in the marketing, creative and development industries, brought together from all corners of the globe. We can take the long-term strategic view of the best consultancy and combine it with the delivery of a top flight agency, but all without top flight agency costs.

When you come to Tidal you find yourself working with the best creative, technical and marketing talents in North America. We deal with you on a one to one basis, cutting through the buzz-words, jargon and slogans to deliver clear and effective results.

Come to us with a problem and we’ll present you with the solution. The more of a challenge a client offers, the more we thrive on rising to the occasion, because passion, energy and determination are just as important as expertise and experience.