B2B Marketing Trends you NEED to know

Tidal @mindlesstower

A study recently completed by Content marketing institute has indicated that marketing spends are increasing. Roughly half of their surveyed sample shows that marketers are expecting an increase in their content marketing budget. Where are they spending their funds? Well, in the era of content creation, it’s no surprise a majority is being allocated to the creation of video and audio content!  



So, eager reader, what are the trends to look out for? Have a look at our list below:

  • Account based marketing: All the cool kids are doing it. Should you?
  • Marketing automation: Saving time, and generating leads while you sleep
  • Brand experience: To many customer experiences is known as the cornerstone of brand equity.
  • Artificial intelligence: are our jobs doomed? Or is Ai a valuable tool in a marketer’s arsenal?


Let’s talk a little more about our trends:


Account based marketing: Guilty as charged! As marketers we tend to attack the masses, in hopes of capturing our target customer. We’ve tried hard to minimize the wasteful nature of this approach by strategizing which channels to focus on and doing our research to compare mROI. Seems that we marketers also tend to overcomplicate matters. Instead of spraying and praying, why not hunt a specific account with personalized messaging designed to build awareness and associations in our target customers’ minds? Well, that’s account-based marketing – without the frills of course.


Marketing Automation: Imagine this – while you galivant around the valley, or elsewhere (wherever you’re located), your marketing communications is being automated, tracked, and funnelled through into a pile of leads for your sales team. What a time to be alive! – PLEASE if you’re exploring marketing automation, ensure you have a strategy before you invest! It takes a while to create a serious strategy for this stuff, so don’t take it lightly.


Brand experience: Brand equity is made up of awareness, associations, and experience. It’s the last piece of the pie that we’re interested in. Arguably, the two other components of brand equity are more important. However, the other two are so much harder to control, and needless to say they can be very expensive to do right. Brand experience is in your grasp, and possible to control. Use brand experience to your advantage to help increase your brand equity.


Artificial intelligence: Time to get serious. Many people are nervous about the impact Ai will have on their jobs. In our opinion, Ai would have an overall net benefit to the global marketing landscape. There are so many cool tools that are being born out of the use of Ai. One of which to ponder about is how facial recognition and object recognition is being impacted. Ever consider how being able to sense a subject’s emotional state could be used to enhance your marketing? Well, hopefully you have now.