We provide content marketing services in a seamless and unified manner. This means that we take every part of the customer journey into account, from sales and referrals to branding and publishing, and we work with you to ensure that, at every point of that journey, the customer can access the engaging stories you want to tell.

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Content Distribution
  • Email Marketing
  • Insights Reports
  • User Generated Content Management
Content Strategy
We get to know your business from the top to the bottom, learning about your industry expertise, target audience, business goals and past content strategies. The strategy we design for you will be created in order to push all of the messaging you set out in the right, carefully defined, direction. To make this happen we’ll draw upon psychographic research, search engine keyword and topic research, demographic research, content categories, distribution recommendations and much more besides.
Content Production
We’ve put together a team of writers, designers, videographers and web developers who all share our wider commitment to excellence and efficiency. The content production service we provide entails first and third party research and actual content creation involving formatting, design, editing and publishing. We maximize the impact of each individual piece of content by disseminating it over multiple formats including videos and downloads.
Content Distribution
Creating great content is only the first part of the equation – we also work to make sure that your content distribution systems operate with maximum efficiency. To make that happen we consider channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Taboola, Outbrain, popular industry websites, online news publications, influencer sites and any others we feel would be effective. Every decision we take is guided by the desire to deliver your message to the largest possible audience, having targeted those most likely to respond positively.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is a tool which enables your business to create genuine one to one relationships with your customers, both existing customers and those which are new to you.
Insights Reports
One of the most important aspects of any successful content strategy involves knowing what works and what doesn’t. Our experts utilise the latest analytics technologies to gather the data you need, tracking key performance indicators around which you can base your future content strategy. These will include new versus returning visitors, conversion statistics, the pieces of content which deliver the best performance, your social media status and a breakdown of how much each lead is costing your business. We’ll then create reports which outline the findings in clear, accessible English and enable us to agree optimal tactics with you for the future.
User Generated Content Management
User generated content is a means by which you can take the positive experiences of your customers and share them with the world online. Every comment, like, share, customer video and piece of networking could be harnessed to focus your brand and make it an ingrained part of the wider community.
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Who are we ?

We call ourselves Tidal because we move with the prevailing currents of the industry, spotting best practice and new thinking as it emerges and bringing the best of it to our clients. Tidal is a team made up of the best people in the marketing, creative and development industries, brought together from all corners of the globe. We can take the long-term strategic view of the best consultancy and combine it with the delivery of a top flight agency, but all without top flight agency costs. We deal with you on a one to one basis, cutting through the buzz-words, jargon and slogans to deliver clear and effective results.