We understand ecommerce in terms on both technology and business. We’ll combine your online and offline concerns with a clearly defined marketing plan and a multi-faceted strategy to create a unified system that delivers on the bottom line. Contact us today and we’ll provide dedicated managers and a team of experts to take your business and unlock the ecommerce potential within it. With the right ecommerce strategy in place your business could grow into the future and claim a greater share of your market.

  • eCommerce Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Platform Development
  • System Integration
  • Marketing
  • Support & Account Management
eCommerce Strategy
The ecommerce strategy we deliver for clients is all about unity – by combining strategic planning, order management, marketing intelligence and a grasp of behavioural sciences we’ll put together systems which engage your target audience, convert contacts into customers and help your business grow.
UX Design
We’ve delivered ecommerce website design for literally thousands of companies, and in that time we’ve learned how important style, simplicity and ease of use are when it comes to any platform which faces your customer base.
Platform Development
We don’t deliver off the peg solutions because we know that every business is different. That’s why we create tailor made, customizable ecommerce solutions designed with you and your customers in mind.
System Integration
You probably already have existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Point of Sale (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in place, and we’ll minimise disruption with an ‘out of the box’ solution which is tightly integrated with these existing systems.
Our algorithms and automation tools can be used to make it easier for your business to manage your social media and content marketing in an effective, engaging and efficient manner.
Support & Account Management
We’re happy to provide a dedicated account manager who will be as committed as you are to maintain the success of your business, with 100% focus on driving business growth.
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Who are we ?

We call ourselves Tidal because we move with the prevailing currents of the industry, spotting best practice and new thinking as it emerges and bringing the best of it to our clients. Tidal is a team made up of the best people in the marketing, creative and development industries, brought together from all corners of the globe. We can take the long-term strategic view of the best consultancy and combine it with the delivery of a top flight agency, but all without top flight agency costs. We deal with you on a one to one basis, cutting through the buzz-words, jargon and slogans to deliver clear and effective results.