Mobile experiences for B2B IT Sales

Tidal @mindlesstower

With the proliferation of mobile applications and the popularity of browsing on a mobile rather than a laptop/desktop, many B2B IT organizations (such as yours) are facing a dilemma… “How can we leverage mobile experiences to target the CIO, IT managers?”, “Will our prospects and the current customer actually benefit ?”, “How does a mobile experience help my sales team make more sales?”

Today, we will be discussing the use of mobile  experiences for B2B IT organizations:

For the readers that need proof (data from Boston Consulting Group):


  • Mobile experiences influence 42% of the revenue of B2B companies
  • 60% of B2B buyers claim that mobile contributed significantly to their last purchase
  • Avg. Time to convert a lead into a client is 84 days (non-mobile experience test cases). With mobile experience test cases, the conversion cycle is 49-65 days.

Here are our top tips for leveraging mobile ready experiences for your B2B IT organization:


  • Mobile experiences need to be quick and easy. Focus on reducing the amount of text being used for mobile ads, your responsive website, and on your social channels (a majority of your social channels will be accessed through a mobile device). Limiting the amount of text makes it so that your prospects can quickly identify the most pertinent information for their needs.
  • Invest into a responsive website or microsites. There are many clients that we’ve worked with that have yet to make their site responsive (automatically conforms to the screen size your viewing the site on), while a majority of their prospects were using a mobile phone to search up their organization to learn more about a solution. By making their sites responsive, we have seen an increase of 30% in lead generation from their website(s).
  • Consider how your current email marketing system’s content is displayed on mobile. It might look great on a desktop, but chances are that the CIO, CTO, CSO, or IT managers will be viewing your email from their phone. If your prospect can’t read your email, then they will delete it.