The word strategy can cover a huge range of activity. It could mean shaping the brand you depend on or delivering weekly validation sprints. It could be the strategy that underpins your digital offering, or the strategy that takes your products to market. No matter when, where and how a strategy needs to be implemented, we have the skills, experience and passion to make sure it delivers. 

  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Research
Digital Strategy
The landscape of digital technology is constantly evolving and shifting. This presents an ever-changing roster of opportunities and tactics, from social media to content marketing via SEO, to AdWords, analytics and beyond.

We know that trying to do too much is as bad as not doing enough. That’s why we focus the work we deliver in those areas which will actually offer measurable improvements. It’s as simple as tailoring a solution to meet unique requirements, and as complex, as knowing that modern marketing needs to be as sophisticated as the audience it’s attempting to persuade. The digital marketing, we provide works seamlessly across every part of every campaign, creating a unified whole designed to deliver your goals.
Brand Strategy
Your name, logo and slogan may be part of your brand, but the brand itself encompasses so much more. It’s the sum of any experience a prospect or customer has when interacting with you, and the impression your organization leaves them with.
Your brand strategy covers the people you are, the promises you make and the ethos you work to. Aspects like your colour palette, logo and slogan are all just single stitches in the bigger tapestry that is your brand. The brand you create is out there in the world, representing you as part of every interaction that takes place. We create your brand from the following ingredients:
• Brand Awareness
• Brand Associations
• Brand Experience
Marketing Strategy
‘Marketing strategy’ is a phrase that often becomes over-complicated. In simple terms it is the plan you draw up for reaching out to the right audiences in the right way and conveying a message which works to turn prospects into customers. When we create a marketing strategy, we pull together your value proposition, key messages, a picture of the target customer and the other elements required for effective cut-through. We don’t trust our instincts or rely on clever guesswork – at Tidal the marketing we deliver is based on research and driven by ROI. Once we’ve drawn up the grand marketing strategy we’ll work on every detail at a molecular level, making the tweaks, shifts and improvements that help to deliver success.
Marketing Research
Research is the fixed and firm foundation upon which we construct everything we do. Without the cold, hard facts about conditions in the market place, nothing we do could deliver effectively. We know how complex the nuances of market research are, and so we partner with leading experts in the field to track down and gather data that is clear, unbiased and practical.
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Who are we ?

We call ourselves Tidal because we move with the prevailing currents of the industry, spotting best practice and new thinking as it emerges and bringing the best of it to our clients. Tidal is a team made up of the best people in the marketing, creative and development industries, brought together from all corners of the globe. We can take the long-term strategic view of the best consultancy and combine it with the delivery of a top flight agency, but all without top flight agency costs. We deal with you on a one to one basis, cutting through the buzz-words, jargon and slogans to deliver clear and effective results.